Thursday, August 21, 2014

ISIL, Ferguson, Kareem

Sound Diagnosis, Pathetic Prescription | Power Line:

The linked post / video shows our Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs stating the obvious ... call them ISIS or ISIL, they have surpassed Al Qaeda as the #1 terrorist threat and they are on the march. The US may have decided that the "War on Terror" was a bad idea and is over, but the enemy gets a vote, and their vote is WIN BABY, WIN!

Brilliant social commentator Abdul Jabbar has  written a column  calling for a "class war" in the US.

He is not alone ... as I blogged here

How long will it be before the disaffected blacks connect with the likes of ISIS to seek to forcibly  redress the perceived injustice of America? I remain surprised that we are not already regularly visited by suicide bombers at sporting events, on elevators or public transportation.

The ingredients are being mixed before our eyes, it is a genie not easily returned to the bottle once it is released.

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