Monday, August 11, 2014

Not BO's Fault We Left Iraq

Obama: Hey, it wasn’t my idea to leave Iraq « Hot Air:
The Jews have the right term -- "Chutzpa". Just go ahead and say whatever, and if there is a D next to your name, people will buy it! Leaving Iraq was almost as much of a BO promise as "if you like your healthcare you can keep it" ... but truth has never gotten in the way of any BO position in the past, so why start now? The lapdog media will buy anything.

So BO couldn't get a deal with Malaki, tsk, tsk. I'm betting a "negotiation" with Putin and Malaki would have been extremely short ... something along the lines of "Here is what the agreement is, any questions?

We know the real answer -- BO was getting out of Iraq and could care less about the consequences. Then the consequences started looking bad, so he no longer accepts responsibility for his action. Hopefully the term "feckless" now just as a picture of BO under it.

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