Monday, August 04, 2014

Pelosi Gone Wild, Turnabout?

House Minority Leader Pelosi Confronts Rep. Marino Over Comments | Fox News Insider:

The MSM has given this very little coverage for obvious reasons. We have seen examples in the past of less egregious breaks of decorum with massive outcry from the MSM calling for "apology", "resignation", "censure", etc. when a Republican is the instigator. I believe a Congressman that not all that loudly mentioned the obvious -- that BO was lying, obvious because he was moving his lips, was rather thoroughly tried in the media.

Let's see, when BO said "If you like your healthcare you can keep it", what is it that he was doing?

We no doubt see such outcry again, it just has to be a Republican that gets angry or speaks "truth to power". Now there was a common phrase of the W years that somehow seems strangely missing these days!

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