Saturday, August 02, 2014

Roses Are Red, Prosperity Comes From Innovation and Investment

EDITORIAL: Another economic bubble about to burst? - Washington Times:

We are at one of those many points in history where people are willing to believe anything rather than plain old facts.

Predicted warming of a couple degrees in 100 years? Total belief, let's go nuts!

Fancy new health care plan with thousands of pages of law, endless executive extra-constitutional tweaking and special favors? Everybody must love it ... or be racists.

True prosperity comes from innovation and investment. When labor is more productive, it’s worth it for employers to boost paychecks.
Nah, that sounds like a wild one! Must have been created by Fox News or the nasty R's in congress!

Generally a good article about the fact that productivity is actually falling while the government is artificially increasing the cost of workers as well as having created a new FHA bubble -- they backed 6% of loans in '06, 44% now, and BO is pushing them to do more.

Ah, the sound of "dissonance" -- much like that air of tension before the old rubber balloon goes boom and everyone is ? suprised??

The increasing dissonance between the stagnation in productivity and the bullish stock market suggests that an asset bubble is in the making, inflated by the Fed’s running the printing presses and the Federal Housing Administration’s goosing of the housing sector. The tax man’s greed and the bureaucrat’s hostile rules are likely to prick that bubble.

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