Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Little Unraveling from the New York Times

The Great Unraveling - NYTimes.com:

Nothing in this column that hasn't been predicted or observed in this Blog since at least 2006, but one by one the more idealistic of the left recognize the "unraveling", the rot, the decline, the inevitable slide when the people and policies they imagined to bring about a "brave new world" inevitably and inexorably fail horribly.

More poetic than my writing, and this is the New York Times. Reality gets us all ... eventually. They may not see their role in it, but as he mentions at the end, connecting those dots is especially hard when it is of yourself they speak.

Let's see, "The challenge of our time" is supposed to be Global Warming. Read the linked column and imagine where Climate Change is likely to be on the list of world issues if this "unraveling" continues.

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