Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bad Magic: Human Freedom vs Abject Dependence on Government

The Magical President doesn’t exist: What the left must really do to defeat the wingnuts -
Let’s be clear: There is neither a Democratic nor a progressive consensus on what is to be done there. All we have is a profound skepticism, and I’ll take that over a cynical Cheneyesque certainty, built on lies to the American people. Disagreement, even deadlock, is preferable.
You mean to say that the folks of "Hope and CHANGE!", "We are the ones we have been waiting for!", Faux Grecian columns, "this is when the oceans stopped rising",  Russian Reset, winning a Nobel prize for winning an election and a host other highly confident items claim that all they ever had was "profound skepticism" and "gridlock is preferable"? Wow, color me skeptical.

BO was popular in '08, but I don't think even "the one" broached the kind of 80%+ certainty that the American people had about going to war in Iraq. Oh sure, it was "a lie", but a "lie" also supported by nearly the entire Democrat leadership -- with the exception of BO and Wellstone reporting in from Uranus (or their anus). Of course BO needed a lot of time to even figure out that he is really opposed to ISIS. Yes, Cheney is the only one that has ever been "certain" when viewed from the far left edge of the universe with your head suffering a cranial rectal inversion. 

This political season opens against a backdrop of profound pessimism, captured in an August Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll that found that 71 percent of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track. The president’s approval rating is at an all-time low, but so is that of congressional Republicans. Even worse, the two big stories dominating the end-of-summer headlines – the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. and the rise of ISIL – only deepen the political gloom, because they reflect two enormous American problems that are coming to seem almost unsolvable: profound and persistent racial injustice, and the shape-shifting chaos that is Iraq.
I'll be damned, how did we POSSIBLY get here? Why in '08 it wasn't just the subscribers to the recently minted "Magical President theory", but the giddy mood of the whole MSM and broad swaths of the electorate that had elected a savior -- Washington, Lincoln or FDR -- it was hard to pick which one to compare BO with, and many thought he was far better than any of them. Maybe than ALL of them rolled together!  

But now? Well now:
Democrats have two months to make sure this election doesn’t turn out like 2010 did. It’s not about the president right now, and we shouldn’t wait until 2016 for a new magical president. The kind of thoroughgoing change we need won’t happen in eight years, or even 80. It’s an eternal battle, the constant effort to expand the realm of human freedom to everyone, against the constant crusade by the wealthy to ensure that the trappings of human dignity – education, leisure, family life, childhood itself – are reserved for those who can afford to pay for them. The Kochs and their allies are trying to repeal the 20th century. Progressives can’t just suit up for that battle every four years.
Got that?  "It's not about the president"!  Strange that in '06, there was no shortage of articles on "Bush Referendum". 

Note that  "It" won't happen in eight years or even 80! It's an "eternal battle" -- the battle for government to squeeze the last bit of individual motivation and thought out of the last of the masses. Oh, they will tell you it is "the wealthy" that want to prevent "human dignity" ... you know, education, family life, childhood itself", but are we really that foolish? "The Wealthy" ARE The Party! How many Kerry's, Edwards, Dayton's, Kennedys, etc, etc do we need to see before the man in the street understands it?

Who is it that wants to decree what families may and may not do with their children? Who is it that increasingly demands 12-16 years and more of PUBLIC "education" that is much more about state indoctrination than it is about "teaching" anything, especially how to be a free person in a free society? "Childhood itself"? Now there is somewhat of a mystery -- in one way, the left seeks to extend childhood for the entire life -- never leaving the state teat, being regulated and monitored in every movement and action. OTOH, it is THEIR version of "childhood" -- from state mandated and controlled "head start" to state sponsored and controlled daycare, after school programs, summer programs and Youth Corps. Their stated (and directly advertised) battle is to create a nation of "Julia's" or "Pajama Boys" ... perpetual adolescent dependence as the model for a nation. 

I find this column to be highly pessimistic from the "progressive" POV. They are so far down the road on their "battle" already -- they own education, the government bureaucracy, law, medicine (BOcare), nearly all of the media -- and as evidenced by their vote on the 1st Amendment, they seek to completely control all political speech 100%. Losing the Senate in '14 would have no effect on their agenda -- BO will rule by executive order as he does now and we are certainly not talking about a veto override capable majority! This is a rather hollow call to lefty arms. 

Yes, the polls don't look good right now for the BO state, and I'm sure that is a concern to the ministry of information / education / propaganda  ... Herr Goebbels likes to dot all the i's and cross all the t's, but really, the guys over at Salon shouldn't let a few poor poll numbers from the unwashed masses get them so bent out of shape. There is no prospect at all of the evil forces of conservatism being able to make one iota of progress in getting America moving in the next two years.

The BO magic veto pen will insure that the US crawls on on in the left ditch, with not a hint of even a glance toward the roadway far to the right -- no matter what the results of the election.  The "eternal battle" isn't even visible from here -- we would have to have a basic understanding that "human freedom" and "abject dependence on a bankrupt government" are not equivalent terms to even begin such a battle. 

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