Monday, September 29, 2014

Celebrating The Profane

The Tide of the Culture War Shifts -

For a younger generation of voters, the old right-wing nostrums about the “sanctity of life” and the “sanctity of marriage” have lost their power, revealed as intrusions on human freedom. 
Yes, as the NYTs celebrates, morality is indeed an "intrusion on human freedom" --  as are a lot of things. Death, disease, our corporeal selves -- requiring air, food, water, sleep, etc.. To be human is to deal with many "intrusions on freedom". "Sanctity", sacredness, that certainly ought to be stamped out, 

No morality, or "morality of currently in power" ALSO turns out to be an "intrusion" unless you are able to meld your will 100% to that of The Party and it's wholly approved positions as described in the NYTs. 

As philosophers have known forever, without God, there is no morality outside of power -- or rather, no morality with teeth, and let's face it, that is the only kind that has any effect on humans. Nietzsche's claim "God is dead" was a lament, not a boast -- without God and a religion like Christianity, "might", "the will", became morality. Hitler providing the most obvious example of what morality without God is like -- Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. provide others. Thus, the celebration of the profane as opposed to the sacred.

Humans are moral -- we were either endowed by our creator, or were randomly selected over a few million years to have arrived at having an internal moral compass. It can be set in a lot of different directions -- beheading, marrying 9 year old girls, and killing infidels to get a bunch of virgins in heaven is a current setting in the news, but it will be set. The NYTs gleefully looks to the worship of The Party and The State as the ultimate moral arbiter ... the new profane as sacred.

So "sanctity" becomes outlawing Big Gulps, smoking, guns, gas burning transportation, etc, etc. Or maybe driving a high milage car, eating organic and even voting for The Party. Heil BO!

The NYTs celebrates the removal of restrictions on killing the unborn and monogamy. The old moral code created Western Civilization and took us to the moon -- but it took most of a couple thousand years to catch on and really get the job done. So the "sexual revolution" really got going in the '60s, "gay marriage" in 2001 in Denmark. One of the hallmarks of the "new morality" is ME ME ME with NO KIDS! (or very few).

I wonder how "no kids" works out in even a few hundred years? Well, the NYTs might be right here:

The shift in public opinion might not be enough for Democrats to keep the Senate this year. But over time, it may help spell an end to the politics of cultural division.
One way or another, totalitarianism or just the silence of a culture leaving the stage because it has no children to carry on, I think it is pretty certain that TP will "end the politics of cultural division" -- or as it used to be known, Liberal Democracy (the kind of "liberal" that meant pluralistic)

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