Thursday, September 25, 2014

Censorship US Style

News Flash: The Press Is Helping Obama Censor The News -

Trying to censor the press is bad enough. But the fact that reporters have repeatedly and meekly acquiesced provides clear evidence of their willingness to put partisanship ahead of the public's right to know. 
If you don't think so, just try to imagine the White House press corps agreeing to such demands from any Republican administration. 
While the Post deserves credit for exposing this, it hardly gave the story the prominence it's due. Instead, the editors buried it below the fold in the paper's Style section next to a piece about a famous concert violinist performing in a Metro station. 
The reporter himself cluelessly dismisses the White House demands as involving "mostly trivial issues" — a claim contradicted by the White House's very attempt to hide such facts from the public.
Story broken in STYLE SECTION of WaPO ... ho hum. As mentioned in the article, it was the WH "Pool" that broke the "HW Bush doesn't understand supermarket scanners" blockbuster in '92 that helped defeat him. Seems reasonable that a president would like to have control over that sort of story -- and since BO is TP, it **IS** ... but as the article says, if there is ever an R in the WH again, see how that kind of control flies THEN! 

BTW, if there is an R in the WH, what IS a "trivial issue"? Misspelling potato? How well you understand current grocery store operations? If you make up a word "misunderestimated"? 

My view is that if there is an R in the WH there is no such thing as "trivial" -- every single action, no matter how small can and will be pulled out of context and the maximum negative effect possible will be extracted from it. 

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