Thursday, September 25, 2014

Climate Change, We Need a Beheading

Obama Lies, Punts at Climate Change Summit | Power Line:

An excellent article that points out that on Climate Change, reality is yet to break though to BO. One wonders how cold it really has to get before he at at least shuts up about Climate",  but it is an area with enough variability that the band can likely play on for a long time. It is almost always warmer or stormy somewhere -- that somewhere may not be in US, or even where there are very many humans at all (S Pole, N Pole, vast areas of ocean), but all the better -- the government funded "scientists" can pick any baseline, select or reject any data set that fails to fit their model, and the show can play on.

In this area, BO is still in "JV Mode" as he was in January relative to ISIS, or in "If you like your healthcare you can keep it" as he was prior to parts of BOcare kicking in last fall, so the lies come thick and heavy with nary a concern that anyone in the TP controlled MSM will do what this column does and debunk them one by one.

A little long, but he lied a lot!

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