Monday, September 15, 2014

Fat Drunk and Stupid

We Have Always Been at War With ISIL! | Power Line:

The video at the link is from CNN, and it would make one roll on the floor and laugh if it was not so sad. BO has been very clear that "The War on Terror" is over. But now, we are doing "something" that Lurch (The French looking former Senator that served in Vietnam) characterizes as "A Very Significant Counter Terrorism Operation" (VSCTO) ... kind of reminds me of MUTO from Godzilla ... Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism".

The sycophants at CNN are having a hard time figuring out what the rulers that they are sworn to support and never question even WANT them to say. Is it a "war"?, is it a VSCTO? Is it with ISIL, ISIS, or as NPR calls it "The self-named Islamic State" ... no longer feeling good calling it ISIS after his Linksmanship BO said it was "Not Islamic and not a State", and continues to add credence to it's largest territorial claims as "The Levant" which is the whole Eastern Mediterranean including Gaza, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Cyprus, Iraq and Southern Turkey.

We are right back to the late 70s ... a nation so confused and out of touch with reality that we are ripe for any sort of major attack. We have no leadership and are in the situation of being the biggest guy in the bar dead drunk, stumbling around being stupid with our pants around our knees and just waiting for someone to kick us in the balls and get a cheer from the rest of the patrons.

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