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Fauxahontis Warren, Shakespeare

Elizabeth Warren: The market is broken - Sep. 5, 2014:

Fauxahontis speaketh. (Pho-ca-hon-tis -- fake Native American princess whose real ancestors drove the real Cherokee on the trail of tears)

To a virus, disease is a simple matter of natural reproduction. Our pain is collateral damage from the virus perspective.

Warren believes that markets can be regulated, controlled, modified toward "improvement" and maybe even "replaced" through human ingenuity with something "better". Strange, without even looking, I can bet with nearly 100% certainly that she is opposed to GMO crops -- no doubt because she "lacks faith" in man's ability to modify nature, so is concerned about some "rouge strain" or "hidden threat" to humans. Even more strange, since in the early 20th century, eugenics along with Fascism and Communism was "just another good human idea" that the "progressives" firmly embraced -- no chance of "rogue strains" breaking out in THEIR "better ideas"! After 100's millions dead from the 20th century "isms", along with trillions spent keeping them from turning the planet into the ultimate "progressive" hell, viruses like Warren just see it as "evolving the strain".

"Progressivism" boils down to the belief  that "new ideas" (most them are actually not new) that they happen to stumble on are "better", and "progress". If one looks not very closely, the biggest piece of "better" to the "progressive" is that the new idea gans power for them against whatever structure currently is dominant -- which they label as conservative, or often "reactionary". Thus, as an example, the idea of scarcity, older than Malthus, which "demands" that government power control the use of resources, MUST arise in each generation --  control of air quality, natural resources, food, farmland, etc previously, "Global Warming" now. It never stops -- they are sure that if we only cede control to them, things will be "better".

Capitalism and markets are natural developments of groups of people interacting -- as are families, tribes and governance in general. The natural forces, many of which we dimly understand that operate on them are always operating and we can't stop them from operating. Competition is one of the mechanisms that we do have some understanding of, and as Warren unwittingly points out, it continues to operate no matter how centralized and controlled the market becomes -- what the "control" does is reduce the number of natural control inputs, increases the stakes for the remaining control inputs, and vastly reduces the efficiency of the market (or destroys it) ... hello virus.

So the "mouse type" she bemoans is a result of the powerful lawyer virus -- 70% of the politicians being lawyers, and leading sources of money for the politicians, competing successfully and getting their "pound of flesh" as they have since Shylock. The greater control applied to the markets, the greater the share that the lawyers get -- the US leads the world in lawyers per capita, Warren wants MORE control on markets, yet she laments "mouse type" -- the virus laments diarrhea, a result of the virus itself!

I love her analogy of "traffic works better with lights" -- welcome to the Elizabeth Warren Interstate System -- traffic lights every 5 feet, the more you add, the better it works!  The virus speaks! People and businesses are easier to control when they are hobbled,  sick and slow (even easier when dead!). America's economy was once the greatest economic super highway in the world, it is is now an over-regulated mess that looks like downtown traffic in a major city at rush hour -- with packs of government bureaucrat rats running out to streak your windows and demand payment under threat of damage to your business or person should you demur.

Certainly the system is RIGGED! It is RIGGED for THE PARTY (Democrat) and viruses like Warren -- preying on the weak, but as they gain strength, chasing the strong off to other habitat (eg. Burger King to Canada) and now more frequently catching a healthy business and taking it down as well.

The Financial Industry was the leading contributor to BO in '08, and by '12, Finance, Government, Universities and Law were all pouring lucre into the coffers of the virus in chief. No surprise that Finance was generously bailed out on the dime of the common man, university tuition and loans continue to skyrocket, and expensive regulation of all types continue to explode like traffic lights in city controlled by a mad idiot  that believes that more lights improve traffic flow!

America is sick and dying. Our healthy are starting to flee in the form of successful businesses and individuals leaving the country. Viruses like Warren, BO and Hillary don't give up just because their host is dying. The now less than 50% of the nation that is not sucking the the last of the life out of the dying body MUST figure out a way to turn this tide if the last dim hope of survival is not to be lost.

Sunlight and common sense. Expel the viruses, start running and removing stoplights, run over a few of the window streakers at the intersections and follow Billy's advice, "Kill all the lawyers, kill them tonight".

(originally Shakespeare, but the line is really from "Get Over It" by the Eagles, a favorite of mine) Get Over It Youtube

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