Monday, September 22, 2014

MAVEN Mars CLimate Change Explorer in Orbit

MAVEN spacecraft enters Mars orbit -

Earth scientists are excited to try to understand why climate changed on Mars -- they believe it used to be wetter with more atmosphere, but something changed. The satellite will be looking for evidence of ancient Koch brothers oil refineries and the potential that there was a previous evil ruler there approaching the planet killing malfeasance of W Bush.

Scientists are baffled what could have happened to Mars. Prior to W and the Koch brothers, we know earth was graced with a 100% stable climate -- no heat waves, no droughts, no floods, no cold periods,  just a perfectly stable Garden of Eden environment. We are 100% certain and settled on what happened here, and know that transporting 100's of thousands of people to NYC to carry signs on Socialism, Indian Rights, etc is certain to fix our problem.

Perhaps in a century or so we can organize a march on Mars to fix the climate there.

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