Tuesday, September 16, 2014

MSM Coverage, Palin vs Hillary

Democratic Party Media Run Interference for Hillary | Power Line:

The kind of simple easy analysis of the obvious that I believe we all need to do to keep a little perspective on how much our news diet is wired to what The Party and it's MSM arm want us to see and think.

So the Palin family gets in a brawl in Anchorage -- let's see, how much do we hear about John Edwards these days?? Nuff said.

Oh, State scrubbed a bunch of documents to remove anything that might embarrass Hillary? Now THAT is a story we DON'T need to hear anything about!

Think about how much coverage any rumor, innuendo, etc related to possible questions about how good an Air National Guard pilot GW Bush was in the guard from '68-'74. '74 - '04 is 30 years and it was a huge story -- huge enough to take down Dan Rather trying to peddle "fake but true" documents in an effort by CBS News to directly influence the '04 election. Any concern of a "Citizen's United" type about a major corporate media outlet directly trying to influence an election using forged documents? Nope.

Benghazi? That was 2012, Hillary was Secretary of State, our Ambassador was killed -- no story here folks,  move along. "Republican witch hunt".

The most insidious part of this is that "most people" -- 80-90%, don't want to be seen as "rocking the boat, not in the mainstream, etc". Questions about W's guard record become "normal day to day news conversation" ... exposure makes such stories seem perfectly valid. "There MUST be something there, or the media wouldn't cover it so much".  Ah, the credulous lambs -- exactly what TP and the MSM want to foster.

Then we have the reverse, the MSM basically carries the "What does it matter now" water for Hillary ... even days after the event it is "old news, nothing to discuss here", and to even mention the word "Benghazi" identifies you as somebody that is not following the "standard media narrative" -- a spot that 80%+ of people are uncomfortable with. They don't want to be an "outlier", so they stay quiet.

And so a once free and vibrant people is ground down to be afraid to stand up and question the message that TP and the MSM so carefully crafts for them, and freedom dies. This is exactly how a free people slowly slide to a totalitarian state with nary a whimper.

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