Monday, September 01, 2014

No Strategy, No Problem

Political uproar over Obama's no Syria strategy comment -

BO's "no strategy on ISIS" comment was either just a gaffe, or yet another frightening exposure of the naivete of the current president / administration. I've read a few columns on the issue and the point that strikes me is how REALLY far modern American politics has gone down the road of "it is ALL about the perception that the MSM is going to spin".

If you heard about it at all on the MSM, you were treated to something like this column -- REPUBLICANS or "conservatives" are all bent out of shape, but to the "MSM narrative informed", this is just fine. We either don't need a strategy, can take our time, would be better off without a strategy, or some other construction that essentially says "no problem".

It is so amazing to contrast this with the amount of ink, angst and outrage spilled by the same media over "British intelligence has information", "Mission Accomplished" (never said by W), deficits approaching $500B, or even things like "misunderestimated" or in the dimmer past, Dan Quayle's misspelling of "potato".

We are long arrived at a point in American history where some sort of large event is going to be required to shake the mass of Americans from their addiction to the basically fact free highly selective fabrication of our current media, to an outraged demand for high test facts and a dialog of real options with costs and trade-offs (which all real options have).

I fear the sort of required events are of the order of economic collapse, war on the scale of at least Vietnam if not beyond, biological or other WMD attack on American soil killing at least tens of thousands or some other unforeseen large tragedy. It would be great if we could right ourselves with less drastic impetus, but it continues to look more certain that such is not the case.

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  1. davboz5:29 PM

    Yes, but this prospect assumes that there is a generally re-employable sense of wisdom that has been left dropped aside the recliner and "the masses", having been sufficiently rattled, would find reason for, and purpose in, exerting themselves enough to reach down and pick it up again.
    I really don't know.

  2. Agreed. I love the depiction of wisdom dropped beside the recliner! Indeed, bad events may not move things in a positive direction at all ... but they might, and I like to maintain some hope.