Thursday, September 04, 2014

Suicide Beats Out War and Natural Disaster Combined

More People Die from Suicide Than From Wars, Natural Disasters Combined:

It isn't just a western epidemic. As Robin Williams should show us, the wolf is always at the door.

The biggest known factor in reducing suicide on a general population scale is religious practice that is just one link, but we pretty much all know that as religious practice has decreased in the US, suicide has gone up. Or course, "correlation is STILL not causality" ... however in this case we can go look up a number of studies on church attendance, life having a purpose and meaning beyond our personal happiness, connection to something specific that is larger than ourselves, etc and make a pretty decent case.

The standard media position in the US is that Christianity could go away tomorrow with no negative effects -- focus on C02 reduction and income inequality reduction and we have a bright future to look forward to! Seems amazing that the event and the religion that gave us BC and AD has lost nearly all positive effect if you listen to the MSM ... oh, other than some pedophile Catholic Priests and Westboro Baptist, we need to hear more about them for sure!

Lots of people concerned about guns, lots of people concerned about police shooting black youth and TONS of concern over Ebola.

Suicide? Seems like the official position is to not talk about it and it may go away. Doesn't really seem to be happening does it?

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