Thursday, September 04, 2014

The Fading Memory of Christianity, The Giver

The Fading Memory of Christianity | RealClearReligion:

Very well written and SHORT article explaining how the film "The Giver" represents the loss to society of the Incarnation "God with us" and the descent into yet another dystopia.

And now we see that what makes the society in The Giver most like contemporary Europe is precisely the forgetfulness of Christianity. What the story suggests, quite rightly, is that suppression of the good news of the Incarnation is in fact what conduces to dysfunctional and dangerous totalitarianism. The source of the greatest suffering throughout human history is the attempt to deal with original sin on our own, through our political, economic, military, or cultural efforts. When we try to eliminate conflict and sin through social reform, we inevitably make matters worse. As Pascal said long ago, "He who would turn himself into an angel, turns himself into a beast.

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