Monday, September 22, 2014

The Totalitarian Impulse

Liberals Want to Throw Us All In Jail. Or Worse. | Power Line:

We are living in perilous times. For the first time in America’s history, one of our political parties–the one that loses all the arguments–has given up on debate and threatens to use naked power to jail or otherwise silence those who point out the flaws in its theories. If we conservatives remain passive, there is a grave danger that our freedoms may be lost.
Nothing new in that paragraph for regular readers of this Blog, but even iconoclasts like myself occasionally like to have some corroboration that our ideas haven't slipped the surly bonds of sanity.

I'd caution the guys at PL on "the one that loses all the arguments" -- as Orwell (and a host of real totalitarian leaders in the 20th and current century) showed us so well, while it is very true that "The Party" (D) is losing the argument compared with reality -- on Global Warming, on the efficacy of big government, on their effect on the US and Western economies, on Iraq, etc, reality is only part of the case -- especially as TP gains more power.

North Korea has certainly lost horribly on the reality front, but for the inmates in that asylum, questioning their Mad Hatter of a "Dear Leader" is definitely a LOSING proposition -- as the column points out, being right in the real world can very well mran being dead in a TP controlled environment.

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