Friday, September 05, 2014

Warming in Centrury, Cold Next Week, 1.3 Billion Without Power

Matt Ridley: Whatever Happened to Global Warming? - WSJ:

Good article that gives a rundown on the lack of warming for 16, 19 or 26 years depending on what model you want to pick. When it was 7 years worth, the Warmist Community wanted to hide it as a blip "Hide the Decline", but in their secret outed e-mails, predicted the game would be up if it went 15 years or more. Looks like they were pessimists, the hard liners are still believing along with 63% of Americans after 20 years.

In more immediate news, there is expected to be an early Polar Vortex the end of next week -- highs in the upper 50's here in MN, with temps as much as 30 degrees colder than normal west of the rockies. Predictions are looking like an earlier, colder and snowier winter than normal, possibly rivaling last winter. Oh, don't worry, USA Today assures us that the coming vortex is DUE to Global Warming ... so much for the Warmist worries that they would lose people if the temp didn't go up for 15 years!

Why do you think they re-branded to "Climate Change" from "Global Warming"?

I liked the last paragraph from the Ridley article. Think about all the hand wringing about oceans rising and possible weather effects around the earth, and how heartless you are if you don't care about the people that will suffer a century in the future.

If you compare the 1.3 B people with no electricity today with the prophesied damage from GW 100 years in the future, how would you square that calculation?? Compare how YOU would feel if it was say 2 degrees warmer today with how you would feel if you had no electricity today -- or any prospect for any in the foreseeable future.
Putting the icing on the cake of good news, Xianyao Chen and Ka-Kit Tung think the Atlantic Ocean may continue to prevent any warming for the next two decades. So in their quest to explain the pause, scientists have made the future sound even less alarming than before. Let's hope that the United Nations admits as much on day one of its coming jamboree and asks the delegates to pack up, go home and concentrate on more pressing global problems like war, terror, disease, poverty, habitat loss and the 1.3 billion people with no electricity.
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