Friday, October 24, 2014

BOcare Canceling Millions More Policies, "Working Well"
Hundreds of thousands of Americans will soon receive cancellation letters affecting their 2015 health care plans — and that number may quickly rise into the millions. This wave of cancellations will fall into two categories. The first group hit will be in the individual market, the same group that suffered through at least 6.3 million cancellation letters last year. They will almost certainly be joined by millions of people in the small-employer market, which has 40 million plans and will be under Obamacare's control starting next year.
I don't watch much TV, but when I've turned it on the last couple of weeks, especially in IA, I'm completely floored by the number of negative Ads. The paragraph above gives us a preview of what actual news we will be getting just AFTER the election.
Just like last year, the administration knew these cancellations were coming all along. As far back as June 2010, the Obama administration 
estimated, 66% of small employer plans will face cancellation.  In a nation with a free press that operated when either side was in power, this would not stand. I can unequivocally tell you how it would operate, since we KNOW how it would operate if a Republican had done a program like BOcare and we were in any sort of election! The media would be awash with articles on "Mr President, where are the numbers for THIS year"! The Sunday talk shows would be shout fests about how we were all fooled last year, but THIS year we want this information PRIOR to the election!

Franklin among other founders said that Democracy could not operate without a free press. I doubt they ever even imagined a press so biased and in the corner of one party. Certainly, the ultimate responsibility comes down to the people, and it is sad to see that a clear majority of our people have so little memory and so little interest in keeping abreast of what is going on around them that they are going to be blindsided AGAIN by this arrogant and feckless administration.

It makes me both angry and sad to see this once great nation slide quietly into the abyss of total government dependency and control!
The irony is that President Obama and the politicians who voted for Obamacare are now  declaringthat the law is working as intended. They're right — and the millions of Americans anxiously checking their mailboxes for cancellation notices are learning it the hard way.

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