Monday, October 27, 2014

Christianity a Threat! Islam, Not So Much
Drawing upon surveys of law enforcement and intelligence experts, the report cited the sovereign citizen movement — Bundy's law-defying, government-denying crowd — as the most potent U.S. terrorist threat: more threatening than Islamist jihadists, who along with militia/patriots, racist skinheads and neo-Nazis rounded out the top five.
Contrary to the popular opinion that radical Islam is the primary threat to homeland security, Christianity provides the other four groups with their extremist rationale. All are in one way or another affiliated with the  Christian Identity movement, a hodgepodge of anarchist and white supremacist politics dedicated to white Christian activism. It's all about God vs. government, and shoring up the rights of Anglo-Saxon Americans

See, the "Sovereign Citizen Movement" is a greater threat than Islamists who are 2nd -- BUT, "militia/patriots, racist skinheads and neo-Nazis" fill in the "top five". There simply is not, and never has been -- in the view of  TP (The Party, D) ANY threat from the left whatsoever. How could there be? In the view of TP, left is "good", right is "evil".  "God vs Government" is the crux -- the assertion that there is a power higher than government! That is the evil that TP simply MUST stamp out!

In fact, left is control, right is chaos. The far left is totalitarian control, the objective of TP, Naziism, Communism, Socialism, dictatorship, monarchy, Islamic States, etc. The far right would be anarchy -- but the country that was once founded as the United States was CENTER RIGHT -- the horrible state of being "over half way to anarchy" when viewed by TP and it's media and education arms.

Christianity is a threat because it asserts that there is such a thing as individual salvation, that the individual is important to God, and that God is a higher authority than the state! This, along with any connection to "sovereign citizens" (citizens with INDIVIDUAL rights -- like property, political speech, bearing arms, etc) are a GIGANTIC threat to TP.

The PRIMARY goal of TP is POWER, which often confuses the masses on the reason that they are so much less threatened by Islam than Christianity. One of the tenets of Islam is authoritarian state control and rigid application of Shariah law. In other words, the complete destruction of individual freedom (for all but the leadership of course).

But wait you say.  What about free love, gay sex, drugs, art, and the "bohemian life"? Perhaps you have never been exposed to marketing before? All humans are weak minded -- sadly, including myself. Certainly TP -- and Islam, allow significant human corruption in their societies, (following Muhammad in things like  "marrying" 9 year old girls being an Islamic example), but the PRIMARY objective is TOTAL POWER for the leadership and TOTAL subjugation of the masses.

Quibbling over outlawing sugary drinks, Christianity, wearing Burkas, forcing dietary restrictions (no pork just being a more "liberal" law than no meat), etc are just details.  Both TP and Islam are 100% opposed to individual freedom philosophically -- the specifics of how control is gained, and what human vices are used to assist in the subjugation are mere matters of mechanism. It's the POWER that counts baby!

As the article makes clear however, both have a FUNDAMENTAL hatred of the Freedom given through Christ! Christ is a higher transcendent power, not of this world. Both Islam and TP seek to create "heaven on earth" -- through total subjugation of the population. "For their own good" of course! ... and naturally, those who are the "elite" that manage the power are exempt from the myriad of restrictions that need to be promulgated on the masses -- again, FOR THEIR OWN GOOD!

Certainly one can find nuts of all religious, philosophical and  political affiliations in a nation with hundreds of millions of people, but the fact remains for anyone willing to look that left leaning and lately Islamic organizations are BY FAR the preponderance ... Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, The Weathermen, Manson, The Symbionese Liberation Movement, Black Panthers, SDS, Unabomber, etc, etc ... the important point being that from the view of TP, "left is right" ... if it is BAD, it gets called "right wing". Nazi stood for National SOCIALIST Party, and in no way, shape or form is Nazism "right wing", meaning "less control by government, bordering on anarchy", and it is difficult to imagine in what kind of fevered imagination it is "Christian"!!

Take note! This is the USA Today! ... not Mother Jones or even HuffPo! TP has enough control that even very mainstream publications are in the heavy anti-Christian fear mongering propaganda mode.

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