Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'm Oldest In Warmest Year Ever!

Who’s The Warmest of Them All? | Power Line:

Coincidence? I think not!

Naturally, it really isn't the "warmest year ever" -- but even if it was, on average (factoring out various short term fluctuations due to ocean currents, sunspots, volcanic eruptions, etc) that has been true for a lot of years since the last ice age -- 8-10K years and counting. Newsworthy if you are a glacier.

In similar amazing fashion,  I've hit a record age in each successive year of my life! So it actually ISN'T a coincidence (or wouldn't be if it was true), the rising global temps and my age are CORRELATED! My age is correlated with global warming, WOW!  -- and best of all, it is SETTLED SCIENCE!!. Well, sort of -- math is more of a "language" -- like English or Java. It allows us to describe things, and if the description is correct, predict some  -- the data is something else.

So speaking of the data, while the media will no doubt say AGAIN "it's the warmest year ever" -- or in the top 5, or some such meaningless malarkey, the chart in the article shows that even using the cooked thermometer data, it isn't -- oh, and even if it WAS, it is like reporting my age in seconds. They are reporting things in tenths and hundredths of degrees which is meaningless to anything living since every life form on the planet (save maybe the ones clustered around volcanic vents thousands of feet under the sea)  has to deal with temperature variations of at least 10's of FULL DEGREES.

We have become a nation of way too credulous people, and those sort of people lose the ability to do complex things like launch things into space, have a growing economy, keep their executive branch computers from being hacked, have an honest election, keep their people from dying from Ebola, etc, etc.

It may well be the most foolish year ever -- if one counts a lack of wisdom as foolish.

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