Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kim Jong Dayton


This blog claims, and my MPR listening would bear out that sightings of Mark, I'm closing my Senate office due to threat of terrorism,  Dayton, have been a rare event since June 2013.
The governor's website stopped posting video of him in 2013. In gambling, that's called a tell. Some believe that something happened in June of that year, given his Kim Jong-un like absences from the public eye for long periods of time. We can never know for sure but we can  observe, and judge, Dayton's countenance and behavior in the time he's been governor. Only we don't know how much he's actually the governor and how much he's manipulated by others around him. The Kim Jong-un analogy is surprisingly apt.
Dayton's many mental and addictive problems are well known -- and not talked about, he is a Democrat after all and this is MN. Should persons with a long list of mental and addictive issues not be allowed to hold high positions in government? Well, to me that depends on:
  1. Are they "cured", or at least in current "remission"
  2. What is their track record of "staying on meds / off addictive substances" -- in Dayton's case, not good at all, he relapsed while US Senator and admitted this was the case. 
  3. Does the level of medication needed to keep them functional allow them to govern? 
Yes, yes, I'm sure this kind of analysis is HEARTLESS when applied to a Democrat. My view is that I'm all for rising above disabilities,  but that doesn't necessarily mean that I think having a blind commercial airline pilot is a good objective!

Like a lot of other issues with Dayton and Al Franken as well, there is no concern here in MN. They are Democrat incumbents -- which in MN means they serve as long as is their pleasure. Why have an election? The "good guys" are in there as far as the MN media and over half the people are concerned.

My God, the medicated wide open unblinking stare even on HIS campaign Ads is enough to make one think of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest! But, hey, it is MN -- who the hell cares!

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