Wednesday, October 01, 2014

NYTs Discovers Liberal Fund Raising Hypocrisy

Are Liberals Fund-Raising Hypocrites? -

It's a pretty long article with no surprises to readers of this blog -- well, of course they are (hypocrites), but it really doesn't matter because while the NYTs deigns to do an article claiming they OUGHT to be more transparent, it isn't likely that the NYTs is going to shift sides or hammer on the issue.

I did enjoy the opening alternate universe in which Republicans had won big in '12 and then went around the Filibuster in '13 to pack the DC court with conservatives ... even the NYTs understands that they would be absolutely apocalyptic!
The elimination of judicial filibusters in November 2013 allowed Democrats to approve, by a simple majority, three of Obama’s appointees to the United States Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit, giving liberals a 7-4 majority.

Because of the administrative law and national security cases it hears, the D.C. Circuit is considered the second most important court in the nation.
Now, only a year after the fact, since the TP controlled MSM covers it not at all, even the right wing has generally forgotten. When the degree of media control is as great as it is in the US, even those of us in the token opposition have a hard time keeping track of all the outrages -- nearly all the battles are total losses for the opposition to the massive TP advantage, so it is simply hard to be losing and outraged all the time.

The article failed to mention the biggest reason that "Dark Money" is growing on the right -- the IRS. How many times do conservatives have to be audited, or donor lists compromised and given to left wing and government organizations as they were for Walker donors in WI before there is concern about having your name on those lists?

There is no such similar problem from the left -- in fact, having your name ON donor lists to left wing causes may well help you avoid audits, regulatory attention or other negative outcomes from happening.

I loved this quote:
 “The more transparent we can be, the better. Progressive values are much more in line with transparency,” LaMarche said during our conversation.
I suspect that he even believes it, as does the NYTs, which is a major part of the reason that we are in such a sad state of affairs. Notice the "transparency" of the BO administration? What TP is "transparent" about are their STATED OBJECTIVES -- truth, beauty, equality, saving the planet, etc

What they are NOT transparent at all about are their OUTCOMES and their METHODS ... massive deficits become non-stories, lowest work participation since the '70s is little known, industries and people fleeing the nation (eg Burger King) due to tax policies are touched on but quickly disappear, using the IRS and other agencies to hound "political enemies", etc. ... those items are not very transparent at all.

The marketing message of BOcare ... "lower rates, better healthcare, if you like what you can have you can keep it", THAT is VERY "transparent" -- the reality of massive rate increases, losing your doctor, largest providers dropping out of the pools as in MN, etc ... that is covered little or none.

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