Thursday, October 02, 2014

Republicans Fake Concern About Secret Service Protection

Showing Concern for the President, Even While Criticizing Him -

The Party (TP - Democrat),  hated W enough that making a movie fantasizing on his assassination ...  "Death of a President" on the assassination of George W Bush was somewhat popular in their ranks ... see  here.

TP has a hard time understanding that there are considerations higher than politics, thus the linked article.  When a shoe was hurled at W, the NYTs (and most of American media) found it to be very entertaining and appropriate -- concerns for his safety were FAR from their consideration, or that of Democrats in in Congress. Isn't the opposition the same?

So here we have the NYT's perplexed -- and largely unbelieving that Republicans would care about the protection of a president they disagree with. In order to understand this apparent contradiction, one would have to hold a number of things as being of higher import than day to day political positions. Say God, the Constitution, being an American President or basic humanity being more important than  political positions.

As an example to members of TP, potentially they would still care about the safety of a neighbor that didn't cheer for the same sports team that they do -- I'm guessing that they might still feel bad if they were killed in a car accident.

But this is hard for TP when it comes to politics! Being a member of TP in good standing and being 100% against the opposition is what counts! It is why it is OK for the IRS to target conservatives and conservative groups, or why the Koch brothers are evil incarnate while big TP donors are heroes, and a host of other discontinuities.

It is in fact one of the things that "the opposition" opposes about TP -- the idea that politics should trump all else, which of course to TP is one more reason that the opposition has to be destroyed -- maybe even killed, as in the case many of them hoped for relative to W.  To be a true member of TP in good standing, TP must trump your religion,  family and ALL ELSE!

The Times DOES miss the one obvious cynical reason that Republicans would be VERY concerned about the safety of BO -- even though I suspect it is actually a quite bi-partisan reason.


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