Wednesday, October 22, 2014

TP Political Speech Control, Wisconsin Test

David B. Rivkin and Andrew Grossman: Criminalizing Political Speech in Wisconsin - WSJ - WSJ:

I've covered this a couple times, but it gets zero MSM coverage, and this is a HUGE testcase for TP. The article is worth a read to just cement what we already know. They may well bring down Walker, or at least damage him enough to remove him as a presidential threat as they probably already have with Christie and Perry by similar methods.

Unfortunately, Wisconsin may be an early indication of what’s to come. Just as the Delay prosecution touched off a dozen other politically motivated cases, the Wisconsin John Doe investigation provides a template for similar mischief across the nation. It suggests that anyone can lob accusations of illegal “coordination” between an officeholder and his allies—and all a partisan prosecutor needs is evidence of a single private meeting or email to justify an intrusive and aggressive investigation. It’s that easy to tie your ideological opponents in knots for months or years on end. After Wisconsin, the temptation to use the law as a political weapon may prove irresistible.
The REAL "unfortunate" part of this is that the country is run by lawyers and judges that are 90% + members in good standing of TP (The Party, D), so this will be a nearly 100% one-way attack. Meanwhile, TP will coordinate the MSM, education, various government agencies, plus their vast resources of union, environmental activist, anti-gun, gay rights, etc groups in perfect lock step with no threat of prosecution at all.

THIS is how a nation slides to one party rule!

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