Monday, October 27, 2014

Voter Fraud, TP Is All For It

How Many Elections Will Democrats Steal Next Week? | Power Line:

Ho hum, another paper documenting a significant level of voter fraud -- in this case with illegal aliens.

In order for a country to have honest voting, a LARGE majority of people IN ALL PARTIES have to care about the vote being fair and honest. They have to care about the validity of the vote MORE THAN JUST WINNING! (a concept hard to fathom in this time of TP)

Lets be just a tiny bit honest here. TP (The Party, D) absolutely doesn't care about the vote being "honest", because they know that the most questionable of voters -- Felons, Illegal Aliens, people of such low capability or knowledge to be incapable of making a voting choice, and most of all, those willing to stuff the ballot box, vote multiple times in multiple states, etc are OVERWHELMINGLY GOING TO VOTE DEMOCRAT!

Naturally, TP in it's party, government control, media,  nor education arms is never going to directly admit this, but does anyone actually doubt it for even a second? It is so patently obvious as to defy even TP people from keeping a straight face and asserting anything else.

If you favor massive government enough, you are willing to do ANYTHING to see that it continues to grow -- if you are a government worker, your paycheck depends on it. If you are receiving benefits from the government, you want TP to keep that gravy train running. If you are an illegal, you want lax enforcement of immigration laws, benefits that are not checked for citizenship, rules that prevent officers from checking citizenship, more ability to bring your family and friends in, etc. TP and it's media arm can barely contain their joy as the tide of illegals ever rises and the overall "once minority" vote washes over the nation.

When power and political control are all that concerns you, there isn't a downside to seeing the once important and even sacred duty to vote become a pre-ordained charade of non-citizens voting, voters voting multiple times, sometimes in multiple states and outright ballot box stuffing fraud. What does it matter as long as TP wins?

If you are a Felon, well, why not vote illegally? What are they going to do? Charge you with a Felony? After all, too many felons are people of color, so that PROVES it is "racist" -- so TP has already decreed.

This is yet another area where the die is already cast -- to even talk about an "honest vote" in this country is synonymous with "racism", to mention that an ID might be required as it is to check into hotels, get on a plane, mail a UPS package, change anything about your cell phone number, cash a check -- etc, etc, immediately labeled as "voter suppression".

Perhaps the opposition party may yet take the Senate one more time, in many ways a smart TP should actually throw it -- it will make it seem to the marks as if the vote is "honest". There is nothing they can do anyway -- BO will continue to operate by fiat, and they don't have the votes to overturn anything.

TP has succeeded in convincing most of the people to care more about the benefits they draw from the government teat than any abstract thought of "the spirit of America", "sacred rights and duties", or even a tiny bit of pride in their nation. For well over half of our nation, the base principles are dead -- right along with God and the idea of anything that transcends the day to day existence of todays ration of daily bread and circuses.

Fraud, really just another name for TP.

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