Thursday, October 30, 2014

Want To Hire A Governor Fired From the Family Business?

Burke busted | Power Line:

The primary issue in the WI election has been TP trying to intimidate anyone that is so bold as to support the opposition ... covered here and in other posts.

The other key factor is that Burke is running as "Not Walker" -- because he is "divisive", a "lightning rod". Well, Duh ... he isn't a TP guy, and WORSE, has had the unmitigated gall to stand up to them! The way to get rid of "division" is a nice happy single party -- TP!!

 So he needs to be taken down -- the direct attacks have failed, so this time it is "stealth mode".

Thus, Mary Burke, multi-millionaire heiress to the Trek fortune -- heavily buttressed by off-shoring jobs, but who cares! She is TP in good standing! PASS!

Oh, oops ... she was fired from the family business! Now that is certainly a good indicator of competence!

And her vaunted plan for WI? plagiarized:
Just last week, the Marquette University Law poll showed the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in a statistical dead heat with incumbent Republican Gov. Scott Walker. But then catastrophe struck, as reports surfaced that part of Burke's much-touted jobs plan had been lifted whole cloth from other sources, without even changing much of the language.
But much as in IA against Joni Ernst, the negative ads against both her and Walker are running about 4 to 1 fueled by TP "Dark Money" -- an area that we are assured by the experts that Republicans have a HUGE advantage!

This election will give us one more indicator of just how far gone we really are. Has TP fully locked in one party rule, or in a off-year election with the world on fire, the economy weak, millions more insurance cancellations known to be headed out (but shamelessly politically delayed), can an opposition party eek out a few Senate seats and maybe hold a governorship against a fired plagiarist?

Oh the excitement in the dying husk of a once great nation.

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