Wednesday, October 29, 2014

White House Computers Hacked By Better Nation

BBC News - White House computer network 'hacked':

Color me incredulous, Power Line was reporting on this last week! Apparently "The Party" (TP - Democrat) media arm has been willing/able to keep this under wraps, and it is STILL a smaller story than our latest attempt to put a rocket in space blowing up on the pad!

The computers at the WH being hacked by a "foreign power" -- possibly Russia in the week preceding an election is a sidebar story on American "news" outlets?  Hello?? Anybody home??

My jaw is on the floor. I have a pretty iron clad rule about not blogging on right wing media "scoop" stories until I see them in lefty sources -- like CNN, NPR, etc  in addition to Power Line, Fox, Drudge, etc, but this makes me wonder. Perhaps more stories are just never going to appear in TP controlled media?

There have been a lot of "strong hints" on how much the bias / media control has gone up under BO -- Gun Runner, Benghazi, IRS, journalism spying (it was ONLY Fox spied on, apparently until now at least), etc, but this is a nice simple rather amazing story. The computers at the seat of our executive power seem to have been hacked by a foreign power -- that certainly means we are VULNERABLE!!

Shades of "Atlas Shrugged", the once great nation is falling apart -- so far, no specific symbol quite as potent as the US rescue mission to Tehran burning in the desert with 8 dead Americans, not even able to reach Tehran, aborted by the great swimming rabbit warrior, Jimmuh Carter. An event I refer to as "The Jimmy Carter Desert Classic".

The lack of any specific symbol with quite the specific summary of our woes as the Carter Classic doesn't mean there are no candidates though. Even in the Carter Malaise we were a space faring nation -- not relying on Russia to hitch rides and watching China consistently operate as a manned space power. BO the anti-colonialist has to dearly love the optics of how far the mighty have fallen every time Americans ride up with the Russians. Hey, if the nation that controls the space over your head decides to hack your computers, shutting up seems the only valid option.

ISIS continues to grab territory while we (ostensively) attempt to slow their advance from the air -- an exercise in futility most likely to fade away after the election like more of our healthcare and our paper mache borders.

Perhaps the best symbol of decline so far in the BO takedown of the US is the head of a US citizen rolling on the ground, hacked off by an ISIS warrior as our laughing "Commander in Chief" enjoys a round of golf. SUCKERS!

WH computers hacked by Russia? TP and it's media arm are fine with that -- move along, no story here!

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