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A Righteous Haidter

The Power Line 100: The Commanding Haidt | Power Line:

Actually, it turns out his name is pronounced "height", not "hate" as I thought -- which was based on a joke from another psychologist, Martin Seligman, saying "when he wanted to understand love, he referred to "Haidt".

In any case, as I've commented in the past, Haidt is brilliant and writes brilliantly on important topics -- as in the highly recommended "Righteous Mind"

PL had already reported on the information in the current New Yorker article.

It's all well worth reading, but for those of you gainfully employed and/or not gluttons for reading reams of text, the cliff notes version:
  • Morality is wired into humans -- it is how we operate like "sophisticated bees" (social). We have a moral instinct wired into our systems. Naturally, everyone already knew this, and religious people believe it comes from, God. So do atheists, it comes from their god, randomness. 
  • How we react to our moral wiring is a huge determinant of "who we are" -- the official "modern / educated / progressive / atheist" position is to deny morality and claim to not even recognize the fact that their brains are screaming "WRONG" over practices that activate the built in disgust circuitry. 
  • So they develop new "morality"(they have to, it's in their wiring) -- un-natural morality. They make disgusting things "rites" ... eg un-natural (meaning non adaptive / procreative) sex becomes a moral imperative, killing the unborn a sacrament, and natural things -- like loving and honoring your parents, religion, culture, or simply eating meat / traditional foods become "disgusting / immoral". 
  • But the most disgusting thing of all becomes "conservative thought" -- so that which is actually natural, traditional, cultural ... wired into the brain, becomes abhorrent and the "not of my tribe" circuits are subverted  to operate against those things that are conservative. "Culture", and especially successful culture, is either a gift from God, or a "adaptive natural selection of culture" -- so destroying it is sinful, or non-adaptive in the extreme. The "progressive" seeks to label the very culture that enabled them to be "immoral", so attacks the roots from which they sprang. 
Haidt, while still calling himself a "liberal"  is willing to go where actual data leads him, and has found ways of scientifically verifying the obvious bias in our current system relative to at least psychology. He seems to be even be aware of the danger of the "progressive project" -- the same as the obvious ultimate danger of Jim Crow, Apartheid, Muslims killing off Christians  -- but for the present in our nation, the problem of eliminating true diversity of thought.

Having people of different skin colors, genders, sexual preferences is quite meaningless next to having people interact who have different THOUGHT. The essence of humanity is not our skin color, gender, sexual preference, etc, but the diversity that counts is our THOUGHT! (especially if it is tied to wisdom, through spiritual connection to God or other transcendent principles as discovered by Plato)

One of the major lies / errors / destructive acts of the "progressive" movement is in claiming "diversity" in the areas of skin color, gender, sexual preference, etc, while attempting to completely suppress diversity of thought with enough vigor to give jack-booted thugs a bad name!

The whole Haidt lexicon is well worth the time to study if you have it. We may be in a race to understand the physical roots of morality, culture and religion and hopefully to honor them,  before we are fully dragged into a truly dark age of pagan materialism or pagan Islamic theism.

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