Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton

Woman accuses Bill Cosby of sexual assault in the 1960s - CNN.com:

Woman Accuses Bill Clinton of sexual assault in the 1970's

I see that 40+ year old rape charges against Bill Cosby have been in the news lately. I scanned one of the articles in amazement and could not help think of the Juanita Broaddrick charges against Bill Clinton that I linked to above, that were barely covered at the time they came out.

Bill Cosby has run afoul of TP ("The Party", Democrat) and it's media arm as a black man that believes that blacks need to live and act responsibly if they want to move forward. TP is of the opinion that blacks need to remain as wards on the happy TP voter plantation, rioting, doing drugs, and feeling outraged.

If one wastes the time to scan the kinds of charges, the similarities are rather striking -- dates and details are often smudged and what you most pick up are women telling you in some way that their trust was broken, they were outraged, they were afraid and they were under some "spell" in that they didn't report it at the time.

One can only feel sorry for these women no matter what actually happened in either case, but why oh why would such accusations be national news against Bill Cosby? Clinton OTOH was in the presidency with CURRENT accusations at the level that made one wonder if any women would be able to come forward and say " I was NOT sexually molested by the president"! Certainly any woman that had been attacked by him in the past, OR was just the kind of suggestable woman that might have trouble with reality was likely to come forward. The media of course did all it could to tamp down accusations in that case, and Juanita Broaddrick barely saw the light of day.

I can't see any reason that the Cosby accusations are  national news beyond yet another example being made of a black man that has had the courage to step off the TP thought plantation just a TINY bit. He is even on record not very long ago with a solid rant against "racist Republicans", but apparently that isn't enough to keep him in good standing!

ANY suggestion of blacks being able to take responsibility for themselves and break their chains of fealty to TP must be met with attacks. Here is an article where Cosby's call for blacks to break the violence in their community is mentioned. Ironically, the article is written by Juan Williams, himself banished from NPR for "insufficient blackness".

Thou shalt not question the authority of TP or you will be punished! Cleave on to TP and thy sins will be covered. Thus saith TP.

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