Monday, November 03, 2014

Calling a Lt Col Taylor Swift

Ernst 'offended' by Harkin Taylor Swift remark -

TP (The Party, D) absolutely can't allow strong conservative women candidates to succeed. The same goes for conservative black men, and DOUBLE for conservative black women.

So the references to "Taylor Swift" and "Michelle Bachmann" (I'm surprised he didn't throw Sarah Palin in as well) are acceptable fare for a sitting senator attacking a Lt Col war veteran. Well, a TP sitting senator!

Were a Republican to have attacked a Democrat female that was a Lt Col war veteran, the story would be national news as a strong example of the made for political theatre  Republican "War on Women". For a female military leader to be compared to Taylor Swift is harsher than comparison of a male military leader to "Justin Bieber" ... it is a sexist slam, plain and simple, and would be hammered on unmercifully if an outgoing Republican Senator was to do it.

I've sent money to Joni Ernst, I've also sent money to Mia Love . It is hard to even imagine the courage of a black woman running as a Republican! Especially one that already weathered a huge barrage of negative attack ads in 2012 and losing by 768 votes. ... and her once big lead has tightened as well after a ton of work to take her down by TP and it's Utah media arm.

Ms. Love was ahead by 12 percentage points in August, but polls show her lead has eroded in the last two months. One problem she faces is that she’s still trying to repair the damage from the flood of attack ads in 2012 by national Democratic groups that drove up her negatives, Mr. Hansen said.
The treatment of republican women and blacks by TP is modern Jim Crow -- and one thing TP has expertise at (100 years) is Jim Crow! 

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