Sunday, November 02, 2014

Cancel The Midterms, Giving Bullshit a Bad Name

We know the narrative -- Fox News and Talk Radio are horrible partisan "echo chambers", but the rest of the MSM, especially "The Paper of Record", the NYTs is completely unbiased. Just the facts Ma'am, like Joe Friday!

So I did some looking back in '06 for their possibly evolving position that midterm elections ought to be cancelled -- I'm certain it is an honestly held non-partisan position! Strangely, I could find nothing of the sort, even stranger, I found this ... which seems to indicate that the voting in the midterms in '06 was a very solid example of citizens taking effective action for excellent reasons! Why there weren't even any complaints about how much lower the turnout is in off-year elections. I was SHOCKED!

Doesn't the left ever get tired of this foolishness? Trying to claim that the NYTs isn't a left wing paper is like Cheech and Chong trying to claim that they don't smoke dope. It gives bullshit a bad name!

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