Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Chelsea Clinton's Felon In Law Ed Mezvinsky - Father of the Groom:

The level of bias in the US media still finds a way to shock me!

Chelsea's FiL is an ex congressman, convicted felon -- pretty much the flower of TP so I'd expect that the in-laws ought to get along superbly. Two sets of feckless felons! The sordid linkages and the character of Mezvinsky are worth reading the Snopes link -- we already know the Clinton's character, and that it is officially "not an issue" according to the TP controlled media.

I'm sure they would treat it just the same if one of W's daughters got married to an ex-congressman Felon! (every day needs some humor)

The problem here is that the MSM would cover this if a Republican offspring was being similarly wed -- because Republicans would react with shock and horror and it would be a big smudge on even the girls parents. The DIFFERENCE is that the very business of TP is criminally defrauding the american people! They just typically have enough power to prevent prosecution -- but even when they are found out, it is considered to just be "an occupational hazard".

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