Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Detroit, New Orleans, Chicago, DC -- How TP Works

Did New Orleans PD not investigate alleged sex crimes? -

This specific case involves uninvestigated sex crimes against children in NO, but it could be any of TP's totally controlled centers of urban blight. Detroit is attempting to rise from bankruptcy, Chicago is murder central, and DC is the "Disaster of Columbia".

The detective in the case wrote in his report that the 2-year-old "did not disclose any information that would warrant a criminal investigation and closed the case," the inspector general's report said.
Gee, "the 2-year-old didn't disclose information". Imagine that -- 1,111 cases with no sign of investigation over a 3 year period. Hello single party government control!

It's worth a quick scan through this sorry report if you harbor any thoughts of government being some sort of solution to ANYTHING. This is local, major US city, no "new programs", advanced technology, partisan  politics, or any other of typical left wing excuse for why government doesn't work.

The fact is, it just doesn't, and people are hurt injured and die because of it.

Government CAN be IMPROVED (not fixed) via an ADVERSARIAL press and an ACTIVE two party system that keeps cronyism, featherbedding and just general corruption in check. BUT, when TP controls an area in total plus the media, the result is predictably NO, DC, Chicago, Detroit, etc.

Whis is it that this is hard for the left to understand????

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