Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Government Healthcare, Dead Women

Sterilization Horror Shows Indian Women at Risk for $10 - Businessweek:

Government healthcare is cheap -- sometimes free, or they even pay you $10 for availing yourself of it! Of course, if you are dead, as 10 Indian women turned out to be, then someone else will need to spend your $10 -- but hey, it was government provided! It's not like it is YOUR fault!

How could anything go wrong? Once you get rid of all competition, make being a Dr as honorable as being a postal worker, and prevent malpractice by not allowing the government to be sued, things HAVE to get better. Don't they?

I suppose that given the power of lawyers in this country, lawsuits are secure -- however, once it is completely nationalized, that likely just means nasty poor government employed doctors with a ton more lawsuits paid by the government! Deep pockets! Then anyone trying to spend less on government healthcare OR lawsuits is guilty of a "war on women"!

The women butchered on the operating table are kind of TPs version of "collateral damage", although military collateral damage is the folks that happen to be in close proximity to terrorists, while TP collateral damage are the very women voters that sell their souls to them for "protection". No matter, the ways of TP are insidious and highly spun!

TP is good -- BY DEFINITION.

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