Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's Below Freezing in Every State, Imagine a Similar Heat Event

Cold weather grips most of U.S.; heavy snow in North - CNN.com:

Just try to imagine the kind of coverage this would be getting if it was a heat event of similar proportions. It boggles the mind -- there would be nothing else on.

We have been getting a fairly steady diet of reporting on the completely meaningless "agreement" on carbon that BO signed with China as well as the "debate" over the Keystone Pipeline, here is a recent Hot Air article that is a good summary of the state of the "discussion" relative to the other side of the topic -- the side you can't get in the MSM.

Most of the MSM suppresses any contrary evidence -- they are done with it, they want to control carbon and that is that. Anyone that doesn't see it their way is "fool, denier, oil company stooge, etc"  -- pay no attention to record cold winters, Novembers, springs, late ice outs on Lake Superior, 18 year pause in warming, etc, etc ... the list goes on, just follow the link and read up on the basics.

One more topic where any hint of sanity has completely left the building.

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