Saturday, November 15, 2014

Obstruction, Stunts, Keystone

House, Senate to vote on Keystone XL pipeline - The Washington Post:

Canada is pumping oil from their oil sands, and the only question is where that oil goes to be refined. Overseas to China where the refining process is not under the watchful eye of the EPA, or to the US where American workers will be involved in the process and it will have at least SOME positive impact on jobs and energy prices. The president says very little, Canada, the oil industry and most voters say quite a lot.

Obviously the media finds Mr "Red Line" in Syria, "I did and didn't end the war in Iraq", and "You can keep your healthcare if you like it" to be a very trustworthy and thus believable source. Based on the election, it would seem that voters are generally not in agreement -- however BO and his true fans have decided that the appropriate electorate to "listen to" are those that stayed home on the couch.

Suddenly,  Mary Landrieu is a force for passing Keystone in the Senate. Imagine that!
For the first time in the six-year fight over the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, both houses of Congress will hold a vote on the proposed project, giving each side in a Louisiana Senate election a chance to boost its candidate.

So for 4 long years the Senate has been a firewall,  (2 years prior it was a partisan rubber stamp) along with the media, allowing BO to pontificate on issues without having to actually take the action of getting out a veto pen! The executive requirement to lead, follow, stand aside, or take some other specific action has been unscrupulously sidestepped! Harry Reid unilaterally controlled what bills passed by the house got a change to be seen in the Senate and surreptitiously passed enough "naming a new bridge" bills so that a pure comparison of numbers of bills passed by House and Senate would cover the tracks of his disingenuous ploy.

Naturally, in what is truly a monument to at least the inattention of the American People, the TP controlled media has run the nifty magic trick by which all problems with CONGRESS are converted to problems with THE HOUSE! The Senate, the supposed "greatest deliberative body", the "upper chamber" was nearly invisible save for occasional Harry diatribes on how bad things were in the House, the Koch brothers, or what life was like in Searchlight in medieval times.

The faint hope for the next two years is that BO will be given the opportunity to be an executive -- getting signed bills on his desk for things like Keystone, and we assume telling the shivering American public that the world has warmed significantly and is in the process of warming still more, so they ought to forgo heat to prevent that warming. Put on a sweater.

Perhaps, as he says this, a few Americans may take a couple minutes to consider that the ISSUE is ONLY about WHERE the oil gets refined -- and how it gets transported. The fact summary is:

  • Not having Keystone is a windfall for Warren Buffett who owns the railroads -- since he is a BO supporter, TP regularly assures us his motives for opposing Keystone has nothing to do with owning railroads.  if you believe that wealth inequality is an issue, then you ought to support the Keystone! 
  • The oil is being pumped and it WILL be burned. The only issue is if it is refined / burned in the US or refined / burned in China. If you believe in AGW, then it is BETTER to have the Keystone since the US is a more carbon friendly refiner and fuel user! 
  • The ONLY people to which Keystone is bad is for are DEMOCRATS losing a wedge / funding issue! It has become a totem for low information voters to be against a pipeline that will HELP both the environment and wealth inequality -- supposed issues they care about, but apparently much less than fund raising! 
Congress needs to quit doing stunts -- the Landrieu bill is just a stunt to supposedly help her in her election, the bill won't actually make it out of the Senate, conference, or something. Stunts are part of Congress -- the difference is that when Republicans do it, the STORY is the fact that it is a STUNT!

There needs to be a signed bill on BO's desk so we can listen to whatever his lie dejour is once it gets there. Something new, or the same old spurious prevarication we have been listening to for 6 years now!

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