Monday, November 24, 2014

Rodgers Grape Crush

Aaron Rodgers 'crushes' Minnesota Vikings with post-game drink - JSOnline:

First of all, the Pack did not "crush" the Vikes -- damned lucky to get out of there with a W.

This gives just a TINY indication of how hard it is to be a public figure. Apparently, Rodgers always drinks Grape Crush -- but that doesn't mean that it couldn't cause a tempest. In some other context --- something completely innocent like "watermelon", or "Chop Suey" ... or really anything, can be pulled out of context and be "insensitive", "a slight", etc.

OTOH, we have all been treated to some dreadlocked, tattooed,  pierced specimen with a profanity filled rant and been told "it's just cultural, you gotta be a racist to even comment".

It's the world we live in.

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