Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TP Runs an Exercise, Riots at 8

More than 40 arrested in Oakland as protesters block freeway, set fires after Ferguson cop not indicted - San Jose Mercury News:

It is very hard to imagine that the announcement last night being SCHEDULED for 8PM and then still delayed was not intended to cause rioting. The old rule is "never assume malfeasance when stupidity can explain it", but Federal, State and Local, AFTER they had taken previous actions to try to clear the streets after dark? It goes beyond credulity.

Those of us that have thoughts of riding out the final takeover by "The Party" (TP - Democrat) need to watch incidents like Ferguson closely. They are the model that TP intends to use as they take final control, and while one hopes it is early, this could even be it. This was a test run, a dress rehearsal -- the time of the announcement lets us know that.

Al Sharpton is a TP lieutenant now focused entirely on coordinating and fomenting racial violence. His $4.5 million in unpaid back taxes  is a badge showing the privilege of TP -- he had to make something like $8 M to owe that much, and we KNOW he is a TP member in very good standing to be walking around on the street when he owes that much. Those of us that are non-TP would be in the slammer if we were "behind' a couple K!

Al is just one of the lieutenants, playing a role to create the final "need for order" -- one or more of those may actually be martyrs to the cause as "order is re-established", but they won't know it going in.

When totalitarianism makes it's final move, it needs some "shock troops" to create the firestorm that the uses  "dear leader" finally uses as the excuse to take official dictatorial power "for the good of all".

BO's immigration decree is a superb preliminary. It gets people used to the idea that the other two branches are toothless and the executive is the position of ACTION! "Crisis" demands action! The choreography is impeccable:

First, the election -- seemingly a "big loss" for TP, BUT, his highness BO declares that all the people that didn't vote were the true "mandate"!

Then, BO seizes the "mandate". Takes ACTION to increase the size of TPs assumed vast majority.

Now coordinated unrest across the nation -- the kind of situation in which people look for leadership to step in and create order.

Again, I don't think this is "it", but it is a very transparent dress rehearsal. French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Nazi Revolution, etc, etc ... this is the script. We are watching the actors here in the US hitting their marks and gaining experience for the big event.

If there is unrest near where you are, then you are in the wrong area. Look to move ASAP.

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