Friday, November 21, 2014

The Reagan Did It First Lie

The media arm of TP decided they ought to make up a cover lie for Emperor of Stench,  BO -- so it somewhat standard TP nursery school moral reasoning we have "Reagan did it first!".

The moral argument that "X did it first" has severe shortcomings. Hitler did a number of things first. Even otherwise "good" men have done disastrous  things -- FDRs internment of Japanese, Churchill's Gallipoli debacle ... one hesitates to even begin. The list is long and horrid and the infantile moral reasoning of "X did it first" is nothing but an embarrassment as to the depths of TP fatuity.

Given TP media normal treatment of Reagan, you REALLY know they are up to something if they are trying to use him as a GOOD example!

Then we have the stupid factor. If "Reagan had done the same thing", those of us that were alive at the time know we would have witnessed a media firestorm on par with Watergate and likely beyond -- "Constitutional Crisis", IMPEACHMENT! would have been being shouted from every paper day after day! Dan Rostenkowski, in his pre "orange is the new suit of House Ways and Means chairs from IL" guise would have shut down all funding and WON!

It gets to be embarrassing to even think how stupid TP media thinks we are!

But of course, as the linked article explains not nearly as simply as they could, it had NOTHING to do with ANYTHING even REMOTELY like what BO has just done!

In the '80s, CONGRESS passed an amnesty law that failed to take the children of those being granted amnesty into consideration.  So  the executive branch contacted congress and AGREED that the children of those granted amnesty should not be deported! That is that! HW Bush granted more time in an extension of the same AGREEMENT -- which congress still agreed with.

How can it be that we have slipped so very far that

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