Monday, November 03, 2014

The Suicide Election

CHARLES ORTEL: America nears financial suicide as voters head to the polls - Washington Times:

A well written article that I find to be WAY too optimistic on what could possibly be accomplished by a Republican congress, but does a solid job of chronicling how a bit of desperate the situation is.

Will the legislative branch finally attain power required to bring President Obama’s lawless administration to heel? Or, is the American republic set to die an undignified death, drowning in debt, deficits, and dangers?

I'd say this is an election where the nation is already hung by the neck after ingesting a fatal dose of poison -- do we want to cut the rope in hopes that someone might get an antidote before we expire? Oh, I think adding about 3 stories of height to the fall might make the analogy more complete. I'm frankly not even sure that a Republican congress can manage to cut the rope, but if Harry Reid stays it, it is rumored that he is going to fumble in Uncle Sam's pocket for a .45 and put the gun in our collective mouth and squeeze one off.

A poisoned Uncle Sam hanging by the neck 3 stories up fumbling in his pocket for a .45 to "make it quicker" ... oh, and maybe Russia, ISIS, China, North Korea and Iran sitting below on the street aiming automatic weapons at him. That is the cartoon for this election in my brain -- well, do we feel lucky?

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