Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Unalienable Right to Not Get What You Pay For

Blog: Obama calls for more regulation of the internet. What could go wrong?:

The poor Internet has been operating under near zero government regulation. Anyone notice how that has been working? Compare the growth, operation, reliability, cost, innovation, etc of the Internet with something with long standing and vast government regulation -- say health care,  the general US economy, US highway system, etc, and you can get a hint of the extent of the suffering.

Oh the humanity!

Right now Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and many other bandwidth hogs are reaping giant benefits of the "one price for all" bandwidth rates. BO thinks the government should step in and make sure they can't pay to get superior service.

Isn't that brilliant? In the economy he wants to penalize success at any way shape or form it rears it's (to him) ugly head -- MAKE THEM PAY!

Why so different on this front? Seems pretty easy to me -- get the government regulation foot in the door. Start picking winners and losers, start punishing his political enemies and rewarding his political friends. In his view, it is a very successful way to operate -- hell, all the people that didn't vote agree with his position. Just ask him!

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