Saturday, November 15, 2014

W Is a WAY Better Ex-President Too

Jimmy Carter Now Pimps For Tyrants, So Of Course Jon Stewart Loves Him:

But don't expect to hear it in the media! Good column that covers the fact that Carter really isn't a successful ex-president either, even if you give him HUGE credit for some Habitat for Humanity work.

W OTOH ... well documented in the linked article if you care. I've heard the AIDs stuff quite a bit and I like this Bono / Jon Stewart interaction:

Bono discussed Bush’s President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. He said, “We’re hoping very much that President Obama is going to follow through on what President Bush did.” Stewart cringed and Bono patted his hand and said, “I know that’s hard for you to accept.” He added, “It is amazing. People like John Kerry worked for this. Hillary Clinton, and eventually President Clinton did some extraordinary stuff renegotiating the prices of these very expensive drugs down. But George Bush kind of knocked it out of the park.”
Bono is at the very least a strong Christian Sympathiser if not actually a Christian himself, WAY more talented than Jon Stewart, and wise enough to be very worthy to pat Jon's hand or head. Wisdom and class vs the spoiled adolescent.

Carter and Stewart have a lot in common (as they do with BO), as it seems that Bono and Bush do was well.

W was and is a good, decent, competent man. The country was lucky to have him as President 9-11-2001 and one really doesn't need to look at BO hard at all to see what a horrible mistake followed W in office.

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