Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pelosi Spoke To Christian Business Group

UPDATE ... UNBELIEVABLY, the top story yesterday about Steve Scalise allegedly speaking to a neo-nazi group was "fake but accurate"!

Nancy Pelosi is under fire and may have to step down after reports today that she spoke to a Christian Business group in the mid-90's. In checking into some of the people at this meeting it was discovered that over 75% believed that killing unborn babies as wrong, 90% were against "gay marriage", a number of the businesses were profitable, and a few of the attendees had even donated to organizations identified for targeting by the IRS as "conservative". 

In a statement today, Pelosi said: 
This group in no way reflects my values and I apologize for having spoken to them. I was younger, I had less staff, and was really unaware that that type of bigoted "christian" even existed -- I thought they were a Unitarian group of non-profits!   
You all know my values. I favor subsidized killing of the unborn in any manner at any time at least up to birth. I am forced at times to speak to heterosexuals, but generally try to focus on the more representative  gay, lesbian, transsexual, cross-gender and uncertain. 
I have often and gladly spoken to Black Panthers, avowed black supremacists including Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton. I regularly speak to Islamic freedom fighters, as well as any type of gang not including white people.  I have been willing to speak to Asian Gangs, but continue to re-evaluate that stand as evidence of too many of their families being intact and businesses being profitable continues to mount.  
I believe that anyone that gets into this country by any method should be able to vote early and often as long as they are in a group that strongly supports the values that you and I share.  Many Felons are on my staff and regularly help with all our vote outreach projects, especially focusing on the important dead vote as well as the current growth area of virtual voters.  
I have apologized repeatedly for being white, but am proud to be a woman. 
I thank you in the media for your continued strong support and hope that you and my constituents will accept my heartfelt apology. Together we can continue to stand strong and eventually stamp out Christians and profitable business. Thank You. 

Ok, so that may have been not a completely factual statement -- but in spirit I'd argue it is pretty darned close. 

The linked article is a good one -- covering just SOME of the many cases of Democrat malfeasance that are "forgiven and forgotten" -- Robert Byrd is always one of the most amazing to me, an actual OFFICIAL in the KKK that remained a D Senator to death. The article fails to mention Ted, Mr drown your young secretary, Kennedy. His "penalty" was that he didn't get to be president! (boo hoo) 

What the article fails to point out is the absolute insanity of the Rep Steve Scalise "charge". He supposedly SPOKE to a group over a DECADE ago that had connections to white supremacists? I can't even imagine how long the list would be if we went down the list of all sorts of "Nation of Islam", CAIR, communists, Black Panthers, gang connections, etc that Democrats had TALKED TO in the past. 

But I can't imagine that anyone in the media -- nor for that matter really people on the right would even WANT to demand that Democrats not TALK TO groups that may contain or be associated with causes that the candidate doesn't agree with. Why would we? There are basically only two parties in the country -- no matter how unpopular, marginalized, disenfranchised, etc some group may be, they are likely to vote for one party or the other. 

Much like leather fetish lesbian dykes may have 401Ks, jobs and even be somebodies daughter, sister, aunt, etc, even avowed white supremacists may likewise have 401Ks, jobs, be related to people, and do all manner of things that are common to all. They likely have to vote for one party or the other, and while one may THINK that given what identifies them, you could guess which party, you may not be right

Nation of Islam votes D, yet a large percentage of Jews vote D as well -- go figure. Most of this is likely left over from the false idea that "Nazi is right wing" (when of course like all other forms of Statism, it is LEFT wing), but it still remains one of the "biggest tent" paradoxes -- Nation of Islam wants to kill the Jews, yet they are both generally in the same political party! 

Of course we KNOW what the purpose of the coverage of this is. The Republicans won the election and are about to take over Congress, and The Party (TP- Democrat) and it's wholly supportive subsidiary, the MSM is MAD AS HELL! So, this is nothing but a very visible innuendo smear. It is clearly a smear they would never even consider -- or even be able to conceive of from the left, because they don't see that much wrong with Arab organizations with links to terrorism, support for Sharia Law, or black organizations that condone violence against whites or Jews, etc. 

The bottom line is that the MSM hates Republicans and we can get ready for outlandish smears of all manner over the next two years! 

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