Wednesday, January 07, 2015

BO Discovers Terrorism

Obama’s statement on Paris attack | Power Line:

I'm rather amazed that he called this "terrorism". What about "workplace violence"?, the official designation of the shooting at Ft Hood that killed 13 and wounded 32?

Even though the shooters claimed to have "avenged the prophet", it was not of course classified as "Islamic". Hell, ISIS has "Islamic" in it's name, yet BO knows more than they do, so says they are neither Islamic or a State -- while using the designation  "IL" for "in the Levant" to recognize their claim to Israel  rather than the more restrictive "Iraq and Syria". BO is just so much smarter than ANYONE!

I think the thing that struck me the most was the nonchalant demeanor of the guys with the auto weapons on a Paris street. One would hope that in say Dallas or Oklahoma City they would at least have their guns up and be looking around because like 20% of the folks walking on the street are packing.

A double tap center of mass would soften  the "Allah Akbar" and give it a nice gurgle.

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