Sunday, January 11, 2015

Charts of Religious Devotion to Error, The False Prophecy of TP

Eighteen Years, Three Months With No Global Warming | Power Line:

One of the common laments of TP (The Party-D) and it's media arm is "Christians are science deniers, if we allow Christian beliefs to be followed, our country will be unable to compete in a scientific world". Yet another "scientific" prediction of the future.

Usually this hand wringing has to do with evolution / intelligent design, which are explanations for the PAST, and quite meaningless for the future. Francis Collins, the man who headed the human,  genome project and is now head of the NIH is a practicing Christian, seems to be doing fine in science as a Christian.

For some reason, those of the scientific faith are yet to show us any graphical evidence of the "false course" caused by Christian belief in our culture, but science continues to give us such evidence of how false their beliefs are.

Just look at that chart and think how well you would like the autopilot on your boat or plane if the red line was the projected course with the colored area being the maximum projected deviation, but the actual was the blue line. Not likely you would rely on that autopilot.

But this is standard stuff! Michelle Bachman was derided as dangerously stupid in 2012 for talking about $2 gas, Mitt Romney was derided as "being stuck in the Cold War" for thinking that there could be issues in the Ukraine as a trouble spot.

When you are the dominant party in control of the government bureaucracy, education, and media like TP, you select what stories get reported and which don't, and rely on the usually quite short memories of most people, plus their unwillingness to stand up as a minority and likely to be called "stupid" or "brainwashed by Fox News" and such for pointing out the truth.

So often, the ship of state of the US meanders rudderless being driven by false models and ends up damaged on dangerous souls while those in charge issue stern warnings about "deniers" of one sort or another -- "denier" meaning someone that refuses to just follow as a blind TP sheep.

TP is a religion -- false, often in error, and demanding devotion no matter what the error or costs of continuation in the error.

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