Thursday, January 08, 2015

Mia Love is a White Supremacist

How to Be a Walking 'Confirmation Bias' (Role Model: Mia Love):

I know TP (The Party-D) and it's media arm are going to attack Mia Love -- they have to, a Black Republican Woman MUST be destroyed, and besides, their hate meters have gotta be off the charts, she is a MORMON as well!!  When "liberals" wake up in the middle of the night envisioning the embodiment of evil, Mia has to pretty much be what they think of!

What is really harmed by people like Mia Love, Allan West, Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, Tim Scott, etc is the TP false narrative that "Republicans are racists". This narrative is extremely important to TP -- it keeps black voter loyalty at something over 90%, AND it allows TP zealots to feel superior and GOOD! Feeling good (and moral and smart and popular, etc) is a very significant part of the TP sales pitch.

So to start the new year, the MSM has fabricated a story about Steve Scalise -- which will now be treated as fact, even though Politifact, a generally left leaning "fact checker" has this definitive statement and the end of a long column of hemming and hawing trying to do all they can to not just state the obvious that what was reported never happened, and even if it had it is WAY less "proof" or even insinuation that that Scalise is a "white supremacist" than BO attending an avowed black supremacist church (Rev Wright for 20 years)!
From the evidence, we know Scalise attended … something. 
Wow, sounds like they may as well string him up -- he attended "something".

So we have a "story" that is very likely false, and meaningless if true. But the MSM makes it SEEM like a real story that means just what they say it means -- Steve Scalise either is a white supremacist himself, or he "associates with them". THEN the the classic tar baby, we tar Mia Love and for some reason Allen West with the same false brush!
Writing off Mia Love and Allen West as out-of-touch right-wingers is easy, but the truth is that these very visible blacks hurt the cause—the ongoing quest for equality. As long as they continue to disregard racism, and side with those who would pander to white supremacists, racists with an agenda will always have a valuable token to confirm their biases.
Got that? See, "Fox news is inaccurate"! Just how inaccurate is it? Does it make up stories and then use those false stories to make doubly false accusations about minority representatives? Especially ganging up on one aht has ben

Oh, and there is certainly no "bias" of any sort, let alone "confirmation bias" on the left!

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