Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Narcissus Speaks in India

Our Self-Obsessed President | Power Line:

BO's speech on leaving India was yet again primarily about BO. What's new?  The top reason for him going was to get some sort of fake "climate agreement" like he inked with China a few months ago, but he failed to get that, so in his mind, there wasn't anything to talk about other than how great he is.

As I've written before, my HOPE is that BO is only a narcissist, but I suspect he may be a psychopath.

Our "sound of a left hand clapping" media is naturally unconcerned about having a president who claims he can't meet a world leader because it is "too close to an election", and then sends a team to try to defeat that same leader in the election that he supposedly "didn't want to influence"!

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