Friday, January 02, 2015

The GOP's Bad Habit

The GOP's Bad Habit | RealClearPolitics:

I love the title. The fact that the big incident used as "the example de jour" is false ( The now debunked  Steve Scalise spoke to "White Supremacists") points to a BIG habit of TP (The Party-D) has. Both their narratives and the supposed supporting "facts" are often false, but hey, it's TP -- just keep saying it and most people will assume it MUST be true! They hear it often enough.

It would be wonderful to see the MSM hold TP to a standard remotely like what the column ends with:

"Maybe someday the Republican Party will say clearly that anyone associated with Duke, his little group or any racist association should find somebody else to vote for. But this message must be sent with actions that have consequences -- and it wasn't sent this week. "

Yea, maybe "someday" TP will disassociate from known terrorist bombers like Bill Ayers, Tom Hayden, etc.  Or possibly clearly say that someone associated with Black Supremacists and race baiters like Reverend Wright, Obama, Holder, Sharpton, etc can "find someone else to vote for".

Perhaps the same for Nation of Islam folks like Louis Farrakhan who espouse the killing of Jews, or Black Panthers that support violence against whites. Maybe they will even tell known Communists that they need to "find someone else to vote for".

Somehow though, I don't think this will be happening very soon. Nor do I believe that it is likely that we will see TP narratives become any more reality oriented of fact based at any time in even the foreseeable future. Their BIG habits will remain constant -- and don't expect anyone in the MSM to be calling them "bad" anytime soon either. What would they have to print if they couldn't just make it up out of whole cloth!

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