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ThinkProgress -- Thanking The Republican House

4 Things That Were Supposed To Happen By 2015 Because Obama Was Reelected | ThinkProgress:

Some lefties have been posting this and it reminded me how seldom we that have a conservative bent thank the Republican House of Representatives. Admittedly, one has to be severely gullible, a complete leftist, intellectually challenged, or all three to take anything from such a site remotely seriously, but FB lets one realize how prevalent such maladies really are today.

They picked 4 "supposedly predicted" things that "someone said" that would happen if BO was elected. Their picks:
  1. Gas at $5.45 a gal
  2. Unemployment over 8%
  3. Stock Market Crash
  4. Entire US Economy Collapse 
For someone with a conservative bent, looking at the list is incredible right off.  They are bragging bout low gas prices? Liberals? That would be about the equivalent of a conservative bragging about how large the deficit was, or how high interest rates were -- or maybe how many people had signed up for BOcare! One of the CORES of the left in this country has been "gas prices are too LOW"! We need to abandon fossil fuels, raise taxes on gas, force higher mileage standards, shut down Fracking, etc, etc. How bad off do you have to be before you brag about something that you found tooth and nail to insure would never happen? It boggles the mind!

Anyway, let's give them a short response:

1) . BO being responsible for lower gas prices is a lot like Slick Willie being responsible for a balanced budget -- Slick Willie fought a balanced budget tooth and nail and was totally drug into the deals kicking and screaming and the Gingrich House took all the blame for the "cuts" IN THE RATE OF GROWTH of medicare that allowed the "surplus" (it was still a deficit if you took future liabilities into account). Let's be real, gas prices are low because of Fracking in ND and Canada, BO had NOTHING to do with that and in fact would have stopped it if he could have.

If there had NOT been an R congress, BO would likely have had his way to do more than just block the Keystone -- as in more gas taxes, restrictions on ND drilling, etc. THANKS GOP HOUSE!

2). If you count the reduction of the work force under BO the real rate is something between 8.9% and 12% ... again, if BO had his way on extending unemployment benefits forever, further minimum wage actions, etc, it would likely be much worse than that. So, pretty darned good prediction by whoever made it, but again, likely much worse without GOP House. THANKS!

3). Predicting the stock market is always a fools errand. BO has pumped well over $1T of printed money into the economy every year of his presidency, so so far the bubble has not popped. An organization like ThinkProgress applauding a high stock market, which is pretty much a pure 1% of the income earners benefit is maybe even funnier than them applauding low gas prices!

4). Oh really. Rush Limbaugh? He would be only a bit better "source" than ThinkProgress for "predictions". If they check around a bit they might find that Rush is in the radio rabble rousing business -- pretty much like all the folks at ThinkProgress, NBC, ABC, NYT, etc -- one hopes that the folks at ThinkProgress aren't dumb enough to take their own predictions as truth.

If you look at these 4 items and consider ThinkProgress, just imagine how really really bad things are. In '07 the budget deficit was $165B, the economy grew at about 5%, the Stock Market hit record highs, and the unemployment rate (with hugely greater labor participation) was 4.7%.

Somehow, I doubt ThinkProgress found any of that to be good at the time.We were also one year into Democrat control of both houses of congress in '07, and the "winds of change" were blowing us in a new direction!

Yes, I would like John Boehner to generally be tougher and a better speaker. Yes, I think they MIGHT have been able to do more with a few better speakers, writers and leaders ....
BUT, what they WERE able to accomplish is to prevent the very worst that BO would very likely have "accomplished" had they not been present.

We need to give some credit where credit is due.

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